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Published: 04th January 2012
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The first of the mobile phones to be launched in India was during the 1990ís. Since that period till now, there has been a tremendous amount of growth in the technology of the cellular devices and even the demand of the little techno gadget which now today is a necessity. At the time of the introduction of the mobile phones, the device prices were sky high and with a limited number of features. Flipside, today there are a various types of mobile phones available in the market varying in prices, features and design. Mobile phones were essentially designed and introduced to cater the need and ease of communication.

When people today count on the necessities of life they do not forget to include a mobile phone. However it should be kept in mind that a mobile phone is not a necessity but a luxury of life. Mobile phones introduced today are changing the esthetics of the industry; making mobile phones an entertainment device with the functionality of easy communication. In present world of mobile phones, many features like text messaging, MMS, E-Mail, Internet access, short range wireless communication which involves Infrared or Bluetooth, business applications, gaming and photography are stacked in one device.

Mobile Phones the offer all the above mentioned features are called smartphones. Since the introduction of smartphones, people have forgotten that a mobile phone is communication channel or the source to stay in touch with one another.

Since smartphones have taken over the market, everybody wants to buy an updated phone. This simply indicates the rise in demand of the feature rich phones, but the problem is smartphones are priced high and thus makes it unaffordable for common people to buy them. Looking at the high demand and keeping in mind the high prices of the mobile phones, many brands now offer mobile phone deals for its customers. Buying a mobile phone was never so easy, but mobile deals have made it easy to buy feature rich mobile phone at an affordable price tag. Besides mobile deals the World Wide Web has made things even easier. Today a person can go on the internet and buy a cell phone. This provides convenience and again allows the user to check all the features. Online shopping has revolutionized the way people go about buying mobile phones besides the phone deals. Its has enabled for buyer to check all the brands in one particular portal and online shopping also makes the chance to avail gifts and other offers on the same price of the mobile. There are many online shopping sites which cater almost all the popular mobile brands.

Besides the introduction of mobile phone deals and online shopping, there have been many companies who strive to make feature rich and cheap mobile phones especially for the Indian market. One of such company is Micromax India. Micromax India has introduced mobile phones since 1991, with this introduction a great step was taken where Micromax stands as a leader in the provider of wireless telephony solutions in the country. By bringing about innovative technologies, the company has revolutionized the telecom sector. Many types of Micromax mobile phones are available in the market today. All of the phones have different features, features which can be seen in any Smartphone when we compare Micromax mobiles to them. Including all the major Smartphone features, Micromax still caters its mobile handsets at a very affordable price. Over all phone deal and online shopping have made the mobile phone industry a widespread industry reaching too many.

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